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You've come to the right place to find a local, qualified buyer! The Gazette, Washington Journal, Fairfield Ledger and Mt. Pleasant News offer a variety of low cost, highly effective methods to connect you with interested buyers. Start by choosing your market, construct an effective ad and then select your package. Easy and effective!


Local buyers, trusted sources!

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The Gazette: Reach over 172,000 readers per week

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Penny Saver: Reach over 113,594 residents in Linn County

Computer 70sq 336533214ad6bf98b9bf1af233e358bdffc261f4c32efd087026869f201e4581 Reaches more than 700,000 readers each month

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Reach all 3 markets with one easy buy.

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Put your message in front of up to 75,000 readers in Southeast Iowa

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Hit your target audience in Henry, Jefferson, Washington and surrounding counties

Tips for getting greater responses

  • Be detailed and complete in your description of your product or service
  • Include photos and enhance your online listing with multiple photos
  • Feature your ad! Only $10 and your ad appears on the main page of
  • Extend your reach by purchasing a complete package including The Gazette, Penny Saver and