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Lewis Brothers Tree Farm, Inc. DBA/Rustling Ridge Nursery 1786 IWV Road S.W. Oxford, IA needs 3 FT temp wrkrs 40/hr/wk 3/20 to 12/1/19 @ $13.34/hr pd bi-wkly. M-F 7-4on-Fri 7a-4p depend on weather conditions. Wrkrs perform any combination of the following duties: plant, grow, sell & install shade, ornamental & evergreen trees & other landscape plant material such as shrubs, plants, grasses, ground-covers & bulbs. Tree trim & removal, tree healthcare services & other landscape tasks; dig holes with a shovel or trowel & install plant material i.e., trees, shrubs, haul & spread top soil &/or mulch, lift, carry & spread bags of mulch; install posts to support planted trees; prune & trim trees, shrubs & hedges; wrap trees, water plantings; pull weeds, spread fertilizer, chip, rake, edge, mow and trim fields & lawns. Must be able to lift 50 lbs on a daily basis. Wkrs will wkr on property at Farm. Empl provides training in proper use & maint of tools & equip. A single wrk wk used to compute wage due. All legal deducts from wrkrs ck withheld; All tools, supplies & equip to do job provided without cost. Empl guarantees to offer wrk for hrs equal to at least ¾ of wrk days in each 12-wk period. H-2A wrkrs reimb in 1st wrk wk for all visa-process, border cross & other related fees, (incl those mandated by the Gov). (Excl passport fees). Transport (incl meals & to extent necessary, lodge) to worksite provide, or its cost to wrkrs reimb If wrkr completes 50% of wrk contract period empl will reimb wrkr for transport & subsistence from pl of recruit to pl of wrk with ck. Return transport provided if wrkr completes wrk period or if dismissed earlier, empl provides or pays wrkrs reasonable costs of return transport & subsistence back home or to pl wrkr originally departed to work. Amt of transport pmt or reimb equal to most economical & reasonable common carrier for distances involved. Amt of daily subsistence will be at least $12.26/day during travel to a max of $51/day with receipts. Fax resume to 3198288168 ref Job ID 6896922 to inquire apply, indications of avail, &/or resumes directly to local Wrk Force Devel Ctr 4444 1st Ave NE Ste 436, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402, 3193659474.

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Post Date: January 30, 2019

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